New: Calendar design competition!

Are you the creative mind we are looking for, to design one of the monthly Eurovision Song Contest impressions? This is your chance to have your artwork included in the official 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Calendar! We need 12 impressions - one for every month. With, the official website of the contest, we are looking forward to the best designs!

You can't sing..? You can't dance..? You can't play an instrument..? But you can design! Win your spot in the first ever official Eurovision Song Contest Calendar! 

Your artwork might feature in living rooms and offices in more than 120 countries worldwide, starting as soon as January 2009. How to get it done?

  • Be sure that the design would fit our format of 28 cm wide and 38 cm high, preferably in 300dpi
  • Send us an image of your artwork in JPG format to [email protected], before the 21st of October. Include your name, date of birth, and full home address
  • The calendar which will cost less than 11,95 euro (excl. distribution) and will be at everyone's doorstep before Christmas
  • For more information, you can post your questions to [email protected] 

Of course you also might invite a friend to become one of our designers!

Guidelines and rules

Create a design showing your impressions, feelings, emotions and images of the Eurovision Song Contest. Do not include any politics, known artists, design from others or any other conflicting issues. Concentrate on colors, music, one Europe, show elements, stages, history or anything relating to the contest. In 2009, the event is held in Moscow in May 2009. You might use Russian elements for your creation. 

Recognition of the selected designers

If your design is selected we will recognize your creativity and put your credits underneath your design like this:

© 2009 Lars Peterse, born 26-3-1989, The Netherlands. Info: [email protected]

We will send all selected artist 10 free calendars. The selected artist will pass all duplication rights to The Badge Company, the calendar production company. The design will only be used in this product and if we have more ideas we will contact you before.

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