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Netherlands: S10 debuts Eurovision entry 'De Diepte' 🇳🇱

03 March 2022 at 11:15 CET
S10 Marie Wynants
S10 has revealed her entry for the Eurovision Song Contest… she will take 'De Diepte' to Turin for the Netherlands.

📺 Watch: S10 – De Diepte

The crown princess of Dutch alt-pop shared with

‘It’s a tribute to the sadness and memories that you carry with you. Everyone experiences difficult times in their lives. That’s something we all have in common and I hope you will feel less alone when you listen to the song.’

The 21-year-old artist shares her most personal stories through song, rap and spoken word, and because the stories are her own, it’s important that she tells them in her own language: S10 will sing in Dutch.

With millions of streams to her name, collaborations with some of Netherlands’ biggest artists, and rave reviews from music critics, S10 has made quite the name for herself.

S10 Marie Wynants

About S10

S10 signed her first record deal with label Noahs Ark at the age of 17, enabling her to record debut album Snowsniper (2019), which won the Netherlands’ most prestigious music award: an ‘Edison’.

Her second album Vlinders was released a year later, in 2020, and was followed by a sold-out tour and chart-topping singles.

S10 Marie Wynants

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