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Switzerland cracked the code: Nemo is found

01 April 2024 at 12:45 CEST
Nemo will represent Switzerland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest SRF / Ella Mettler
Heading to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 to wave the flag for Switzerland, it’s Nemo. Buckle up Malmö, because their song ‘The Code’ is a high-energy adventure of self-discovery.
Nemo will represent Switzerland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest SRF / Ella Mettler

After a tough selection process that started with over 400 songs, got whittled down to 5, and ended with just 1, Nemo got their ticket to Sweden. Audience and jury panels made the decision through an internal selection, and their choice was The Code. Nemo has been on a very long journey (“to hell and back”) to break the code of what makes the perfect Eurovision entry. Welcome to the show!

For Nemo, it all started with getting cast in the hit musical, Ich War Noch Niemals In New York when they were 13 years old. After that, they appeared on SRF Virus (#Cypher) as a rapper and found overnight fame. Even in that early performance, Nemo showed off their musicality and creative flair — and they’re treating us to a rap sample in The Code. Little did teenage Nemo know that Eurovision would be in their destiny.

Nemo might be about to head to the biggest music contest in the world, but they’ve come from humble beginnings. They remember playing their violin in front of a local cable car station when they were 7 years old to earn some extra pocket money. Nemo had a side hustle before it was cool.

If Nemo had 3 wishes, they’d ask for unlimited French fries, to never forget their musical ideas, and for Switzerland to be next to the sea. They also said that if there was a movie of their life, perhaps it could be an animated movie set in the ocean. We see what you did there, Nemo. But please don’t ask them if their name is “like Finding Nemo” — that probably gets annoying pretty quickly.

This Swiss popstar has a very clear Eurovision hero: Conchita Wurst, who won for Austria in 2014 with Rise Like A Phoenix. Nemo says: “She forever redefined what Eurovision means to me. Her performance was captivating, beautiful, and so meaningful.”

Nemo is a big fan of ABBA, so they’ll be right at home in Sweden, especially in the year that marks the 50th anniversary of them winning. When they’re not listening to Dancing Queen or Mamma Mia, they’re playing other classics like Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and The Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun. And when you listen to The Code, you can hear some of those big orchestral builds and quirky melodies that Queen and The Beatles are famous for.

Beyond the oldies, Nemo has got some other firm favourites. Beabadoobee’s sweet-sounding Glue Song, Le Tigre’s riot grrrl hit Deceptacon, and Troye Sivan’s chilled pop tune One Of Your Girls.

Nemo is excited to meet the people of Sweden when they head to Malmö, and no doubt to celebrate their love for ABBA. Will Europe take a chance on Nemo? Taking part is great but, the winner takes it all…

Look out for Nemo on upcoming episodes of the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast.

Nemo will represent Switzerland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest SRF / Ella Mettler

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