Nelly Ciobanu to represent Moldova!

Tonight, the singer and song to represent Moldova in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest have been selected in a great TV show. Twenty songs have been presented, and in the end, an expert jury, a jury of representatives of the public broadcaster TRM, and the TV public all cast their votes (the latter by SMS voting). This is the full result:

  1. Nelly Ciobanu - Hora Din Moldova - 36 points
  2. Alexa - A Flight To The Light - 27 points
  3. Sun Stroke Projekt - No Crime - 26 points
  4. Olga Tira - Unicul Meu - 24 points
  5. Katalina Rusu - Sparky Lady - 20 points
  6. Cristy Rouge - Women’s Winner - 15 points
  7. Doina Gherman - Hei! Exploadeaza! - 13 points
  8. Slavici - O Fată Cu Părul De Aur - 13 points
  9. Galina Şcoda - Joc De Noroc - 12 points
  10.  Ayra - Call Me A Liar - 12 points
  11. Corbus Albus - 7 Days  - 12 points
  12. Dianna - I’m Missing You - 12 points
  13. Cezara - Tu, Tată - 11 points
  14. Elena Buga - Queen - 9 points
  15.  Cristina Croitoru - First Chance - 9 points
  16. Brand - Simt Că Este Timpul - 8 points
  17. Dana Marchitan - Doar Un Pas - 8 points
  18. Marius - We’ll Gonna Rock - 6 points
  19. Anisoara Balmuş - Adrenalina - 5 points
  20. Veronica Stolli - Lerui Ler - 0 points

Thus, Nelly Ciobanu will represent Moldova in the Second Semi-Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with her ethnic pop song Hora Din Moldova. She got top marks in all three parts of the voting, with an impressive 61% of all televotes being cast for her. Nelly Ciobanu had already taken part in the first ever Moldovan national final, in 2005, reaching the second place with One More Time. You can watch Nelly's performance of Hora Din Moldova here:


In the interval act of tonight's national final, several national and international stars performed. Among them were Geta Burlacu and Natalia Barbu, who had represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 and 2007 respectively. The singer to represent Belarus in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Petr Elfimov,  performed his song Eyes That Never Lie as well on stage tonight, and, for the first time ever, a short excerpt of the Azerbaijani entry Always, sung by AySel, was presented to the public.

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