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Nelly Ciobanu: "Folk dances are in my blood!"

17 May 2009 at 03:39 CEST

The Moldovan representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Nelly Ciobanu, had already taken part in the Moldovan national selection for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, but another band, Zdob-şi-Zdub, went on to represent Moldova back then. asked Nelly what led her to come back to the Eurovision Song Contest again this year. Nelly Ciobanu said that she hadn't been disappointed about not having passed the Moldovan national final in 2005. She found out that she was pregnant some days afterwards and had to prepare herself for another important event in her life. But now that Nelly can leave her daughter for a few days, she feels ready to take part in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest and fight for victory.

Nelly Ciobanu told us about the meaning of Hora аs a traditional folk dance accompanied by traditional music. It was already known in ancient Greece and later in the Balkan countries. This traditional folk dance is, of course, very famous in Moldova. Nelly added that this type of ethnic music is in her blood and it is part of her. That's why she is happy to perform it in front of the whole world's eyes. The artist decided to sing the song Hora Din Moldova half in English, half in Romanian to make the world understand her entry better.