Nela and Kamil: "Everything genius needs to be simple." You have had your first rehearsals already. How did everything go so far, and are you still facing any problems?

Nela: "I think it’s really great here! The stage is large and powerful, just wonderful. But as I am using in-ear monitors for the first time, I feel a bit nervous."

Kamil: "It’s a really big experience for us to be here, as we like to sing for a big audience. We enjoy it a lot indeed." Does singing in front of an international TV audience of several hundreds of viewers give you different feelings that you are used to, or does the size of the public not matter?

Kamil: "No, we sing in front of 200 million people every morning (laughs). Just kidding. It’s a very strange feeling for us because, on our last concert, we sang for around 30 people, maybe. So we have to get used to this feeling."

Nela: "It’s a really new powerful and overwhelming experience for me. As Kamil already said, it’s really different to sing in front of such a big international audience." You are both experienced singers and actors. How do your preparations before you go on stage differ between, let’s say, a performance at a musical theatre or in a TV series and on the Eurovision Song Contest stage?

Nela: "It’s very different if you stand in front of the camera and don’t get feedback from the audience compared to getting the reactions directly from the people and hearing the applause, as it’s the case at the Eurovision Song Contest."

Kamil: "For me it’s a great pleasure to sing here, as, in contrast to playing in a TV series, I just have to remember the short lyrics of our songs and not more text." Slovakia has been absent from the Eurovision Song Contest for more than ten years now. How was the situation in the country in between 1998 and now? Did people still follow the show?

Kamil: "Actually, it’s a very new situation for everyone, as the Eurovision Song Contest was not broadcast in Slovakia in those eleven years, so nobody could actually watch it. But therefore, this year’s participation is even more exciting for the Slovak people, as it’s something completely new for many of the TV viewers. Moreover, the fact that there is a huge interest in the Eurovision Song Contest in Slovakia is proved by the fact that more than 170 composers and singers sent in their songs for the national final." Have you had the chance to talk to former Eurovision Song Contest representatives from Slovakia, and which advice did they give you?

Nela: "My manager talked to the band Elan, who participated for Slovakia in 1993 but did not qualify in the Eastern European qualification round. So, they said we better be ready for getting the last place." (laughs)

Kamil: "I talked to Marcel Palonder, who sang for Slovakia in 1996. He gave me only one advice - you have to enjoy it, no matter what happens!" The next question is for the composer of the song. How did you get in touch with those two singers? Have you been cooperating before, and did you write Let’ Tmou especially for them?

Rastislav Dubovsky: "I knew them from the Slovak cultural scene. They are really famous actors and singers, but it was very difficult to get them together, as they are so busy with recording TV series and performing on stage. Anyway, I offered them my composition and I am glad that they accepted!" Compared to other stage acts in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, which use pyrotechnical effects, several props and elaborate dance performances, the staging of your entry is very simple. How do you feel, performing in between those different acts?

Nela & Kamil: "The focus in our performance is on the song and on our voices - we don’t need any special effects. Furthermore, there is a saying that everything genius needs to be simple!" thanks Nela and Kamil for taking their time for this interview and wishes the sympathetic duo the best of luck in the Second Semi-Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest!

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