Nazan Öncel to write Turkish entry?

The Turkish media has been reporting several big names to be interested in representing the country in Oslo, next May. However, the rumours have so far been denied by the Turkish broadcaster TRT. One of the biggest stories was about Tarkan but as TRT declared this to be not true to, new stories have got their lives. 

It's been speculated the very successful singer/songwriter Nazan Öncel might write the entry for Turkey in 2010. It's even been said she's been contacted by TRT for that.

Now she's denied having an official proposal from the official responsible for the national selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey but has said she would be interested in doing that. 

Nazan Öncel is one of Turkey's most successful and famous pop music and pop rock singers/songwriters. She's written songs for many famous singers such as Tarkan and İbrahim Tatlıses. 

Will more gossip follow about the Turkish selection? Which of those will prove to be the truth? Stay tuned!

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