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Hungary's hungry for Eurovision: National selection for 2018 kicks off

16 January 2018 at 17:46 CET
The Hungarian national selection for Eurovision 2018 will take place on 24th February MTVA
'A Dal 2018', the Hungarian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, is under way. The 2018 edition will comprise of three selection rounds, two semi-finals and a final on 24th February. The winner will represent Hungary in Lisbon.

The first selection show of A Dal 2018 will take place on Saturday 20th January and be followed by two more selections (27th January and 3rd February). The two semi-finals will take place on 10th and 17th February with the final on 24th February. 

Ten acts will perform during the first selection show of A Dal 2018

  • Ceasefire X - Satellites
  • Fourtissimo - Kisnyuszi a kalapban    
  • Király Viktor - Budapest Girl   
  • Knoll Gabi - Nobody To Die For   
  • Leander Kills - Nem szól harang    
  • LivingRoom - Kirakat élet    
  • Noémo - Levegőt!   
  • Patikadomb - Jó szelet!   
  • Süle Zsolt - Zöld a május   
  • Vastag Tamás - Ne hagyj reményt  

A Dal 2018 kicks off on Saturday, 20 January at 20.30 CET on MTVA’s Duna channel. The show will be hosted by Kriszta Rátonyi and Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári, also known as Freddie, who represented Hungary in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Meet the jury

The seventh edition of A Dal will feature four jury members: 

  • Károly Frenreisz: Kossuth Award winner musician, founder of LGT and Skorpió, eager to discover new compositions by the up-and-coming artists and songwriters
  • Miklós Both: Fonogram and Budai Award winning composer and folk music expert, reprising his role in the jury
  • Judit Schell: Jászai Award winning actress with an Artist Excellency Award, a familiar face for both theatre-goers and movie buffs in Hungary
  • Misi Mező: Guitarist/singer of the band Magna Cum Laude, believes that the unity of voice, music and lyrics is key for a solid performance.  

As in previous years, the audience will take up the role of the fifth jury member; songs can be rated and voted for using the A Dal app. Users will also be able to keep track of the jury and audience votes. Exclusive content will also be available on the official website of A Dal 2018.    

After the show, a follow up programme, A Dal Kulissza, will be broadcast featuring artists and jury members with exclusive insights into A Dal 2018. It will be hosted by Orsolya Pflum and Bence Forró.