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Nadine Beiler (Austria) 2nd press conference

06 May 2011 at 19:49 CEST

Her regimen the night before her big performance will include performing her general rehearsal, drinking a beer at a bar to get a good night's sleep and going to the gym to be in good shape. She will do two rehearsals the day before the performance.

The Austrian delegation team intends to present German moderator Stefan Raab with an authentic pair of Austrian Lederhosen, which the team proudly displayed at the press conference.

Austria is very glad to be back in the contest after a three-year hiatus. The Head of Delegation explained that one reason for coming back to the contest included the German win with Lena last year, which they believe presented Austria with an opportunity. Other reasons to come back were certain changes in Eurovision Song Contest rules and having found Nadine as a powerful vehicle for staging a comeback.

The secret for winning the contest? “Everyone who goes on stage should be happy and enjoy the moment. Everyone in the room and watching on TV should be touched by the song - I hope that I will make it!”