Nadine Beiler (Austria) 1st press conference

She has already proven her worth in the Austrian casting show “Starmania” in which she beat 2,500 competitors to clinch the winner position in January 2007. Asked if the Eurovision is her comeback, she happily agrees: “Yes, and it’s a big honour for me. A comeback on the European stage is quite something.”

Nadine was registered for the Austrian preliminaries but I didn’t have a song to sing yet. “So I quickly called up Thomas Rabitsch and we sat down to write this song,” she says cheerfully about the collaboration with the writer of the song. In February 2011, she again prevailed over all other participants. “Thanks to the Eurovision Song Contest, I’ve got this great team that I can work with. This is a dream come true for me.”

Asked if her hairstyle is a tribute to Mireille Matthieu, she smiles shyly and says “No, it’s France Gall’s,” and spontaneously sings one of her songs, much to the enjoyment of the auditorium. France Gall is a well-known artist in Germany, where she also enjoyed a career in the late sixties and seventies.

Nadine is quite confident about performing on stage. She reveals that she can always rely on her voice. “I have trust in it because I can sing even if I have a cold.” Good luck to Austria for its comeback!

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