Nadia, Haddy and Erik to host 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

"We have  been through an extensive process, and in the end we think we've found the absolutely best hosts for this job," says NRK's Executive Producer, Jon Ola Sand. "These three represent an unique combination of talent and experience, and we are certain they will lead these shows in an excellent way. We are proud of being able to recruit such talent from within the NRK," he adds.

The hosts have known about the secret for some time already. "It has been a little unreal, and I had to spend some time letting it sink in when they asked," says Nadia Hasnaoui. She will be responsible for the whole voting segment during all three shows in May. "During the voting, it is important everything is transparent and fair for all, and at the same time it might get extremely exciting in the end. I'm proud and humbled over being given this opportunity," says Hasnaoui.

Erik Solbakken and Haddy N'jie will host the Show, which means they will both introduce the artists and stay with them in the green room during the voting. "We will be hosting great artists from 39 countries, and what I'm looking forward to the most is to meet them and see their acts. At the same time, I have to say it will be a special moment to be allowed to say 'Good evening, Europe!' on Saturday, the 29th of May," Erik says. Haddy N'jie agrees: "We will host five shows in May, with up to 18,000 people in the audience each time. It will certainly be a busy period for us, but it is hard to imagine a more exciting job. Yes, we're nervous but feel confident because we have a large team of professionals in both, the NRK and EBU, around us," Haddy says.

Shortly before the press conference, they recorded this video exclusively for the visitors of!


Nadia Hasnaoui

Nadia Hasnaoui (born on the 10th of June, 1963) is one of Norway's most acclaimed and experienced television hosts. Nadia has broad experience from nearly twenty years in television, working for both of the two largest Norwegian stations, NRK and TV2. Nadia grew up in Morocco with a Norwegian mother and a Moroccan father.  In 1967, Nadia moved back to Norway, where she went to a French-speaking kindergarten.

Nadia Hasnaoui began her television career at NRK in 1991, hosting the pan-Nordic children's show Myggen. In 1993, she moved to TV2, and throughout the 1990s, Nadia led many of TV 2's most popular shows. Many Norwegians remember her portraits of Norway's King Harald and Queen Sonja. She also became known through the shows God morgen, Norge! (Good morning, Norway!) and Jakten på det gode liv (Chasing the good life) as well as her own talkshow, Hasnaoui.  

Nadia came back to NRK in 2004, and hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that year. For the past four years, she has presented the popular weekly quiz show Kvitt eller Dobbelt, airing prime-time on NRK. Nadia is married with three children. She has published several books.

Haddy Jatou N'jie

Haddy Jatou N'jie (born on the 25th of June, 1979) is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, author and journalist. She holds a degree in journalism from the Oslo University College. Haddy began her television career as a news journalist for NRK. She has since expanded to work on a broader field, and is today recognized as an author, journalist, playwright, musician and a singer. Last year, Haddy hosted one of Norway's largest TV shows, the yearly TV-Aksjonen, collecting money to charity through an 8 hour live broadcast on NRK.

As a solo artist, she has released three albums: White Lies, Welcome Home and World of The Free. She has toured the country several times, together with Concerts Norway, and produced several full-night performances with her comedy group Queendom.   

Haddy N'jies father is from the Gambia, her mother is Norwegian. She grew up in Kolbotn, southeast of the capital Oslo. She fondly remembers Norway's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1985 with Bobbysocks. Haddys mother had to draw a large cross in the roof of their living room as she had lost the bet with daughter Haddy, certain of Norwegian victory. In the Norwegian edition of Who's Who?, Haddy N'jie is considered one of Norway's ten most influential professionals with a multicultural background.

Erik Solbakken

Erik Solbakken (born on the 17th of November, 1984) is a Norwegian TV host and writer. He has been with NRK since 2005, and has studied journalism at the Volda University College.  

Erik is presently one of the most popular television personalities amongst the young Norwegian audience, and is a familiar face for kids and teens alike. He has hosted the popular children shows Barne-tv, Julemorgen and Superkviss, in addition to Barnetimen for de minste on NRK Radio 2. Erik hosted the launch of NRKs new TV-channel for children and young adults, NRK Super, as it went on air in 2007.   

Since 2009, Erik has delivered humor to the whole family, hosting the show Krem Nasjonal, along with twelve year old Magnus and Signe. During the Nordic Children-TV festival in 2009, Erik won the prize for the best host for his show Utfordringen.  

Erik is a declared fan of Sandefjord Football, he has represented Norway in the junior World Cup in fly fishing, and in his little spare time he enjoys both cross country and telemark skiing, as well as playing football and volleyball. Erik is married, and lives in Oslo.

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