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Musiqq (Latvia) 2nd press conference

08 May 2011 at 17:20 CEST

The second rehearsal went well for the band. Even if they all were in plain clothes. “We’d already rehearsed in costume and that went well,” says Emils. During their preparations, special effects were missing too. “We don’t want them anyway,” says Marats, “because our act isn’t about fireworks.”

However, the song uses English instead of Latvian lyrics. “In 2010 we had sent a Latvian song to the pre-selection show. But the Latvians didn’t like it,” Marats concedes.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the band performs their acoustic version of Elton John’s 'Sorry'. It could’ve been Blue’s version too. The background singers also demonstrated their skills in their version of Cindy Lauper’s 'True Colours'. The vocals are pristine, owing to the fact that the ladies were trained by vocal prodigy Bobby McFerrin. “We attended a workshop and found discovered that he’s an amazing artist and a very easy-going person at the same time. He has great vocal techniques. We even got to improvise with him.”

The band is all set to go. “I can’t wait to be on stage,” says Emils, speaking for all participants. “There were comments at home about our costumes in that they make us look like penguins.” Picking up on that, they’re considering waddling on stage like the flightless birds.