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Former Eurovision stars release brand new music this winter

20 January 2021 at 17:00 CET
The cover of Benjamin Ingrosso's new album Benjamin Ingrosso
Fresh tunes from former Eurovision artists are blazing in like a snow storm this winter! We update you on the latest releases from Dima Bilan, Helena Paparizou, Netta, Benjamin Ingrosso, Michael Schulte, Edyta Górniak and Albert Černý. So, who's ready for a sing-a-long?

Albert Černý - Nová Láska

Lake Malawi's Albert Černý released his first song in his native language: "My first ever Czech song came out in November 2020. It’s called Nová Láska which means 'new love'. Even though I’m releasing it under my name, the guys from Lake Malawi worked on it too. Jeroným co-produced it with me while Antonín recorded drums and directed this new video."

Norway's Jowst recorded bass guitar for the song, making it a true Eurovision collaboration. Have a listen down below:

Dima Bilan - Dreams

Back in 2008, Dima represented Russia and won the Eurovision Song Contest with his hit, Believe. He's now released the upbeat song Dreams. The 'graphic fairytale', as he calls the video on Instagram, has over 5 million views on YouTube already. You can add to his viewing tally right here:

Michael Schulte - Waking Up Without You

Michael Schulte has kept busy since he finished 4th in Eurovision 2018 for Germany with You Let Me Walk Alone. Since then he's been a judge on The Voice Of Germany and released his album HIGHS & LOWS. It features the song Wrong Direction which he made in collaboration with Dutch participant Ilse Delange. Most recently he released the ballad Waking Up Without You in December 2020, which comes from the same album. Check out the music video now:

Helena Paparizou feat. Marseaux - Deja Vu

The Greek megastar has just released an uptempo club hit called Deja Vu together with Greek rapper Marseaux.

Helena Paparizou represented Greece as part of the group Antique in Eurovision 2001 and returned to the Contest again in 2005 with the song My Number One. She went on to win the Contest with 230 points making her Eurovision's 'number one' too! Press play to hear her latest tune:

Edyta Górniak - Too Late

In their debut year in 1994, Poland selected Edyta to go to Dublin and represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. She was very successful and landed in second place with the song To Nie Ja which continues to be Poland's best result to date.

Edyta has now come out with her new song titled Too Late. "I took a broken heart and changed it into an Art," she announced on her Facebook page. You can listen to her new art right here:

Netta - The Times They Are A-Changin'

Netta released her new tune The Times They Are A-Changin' in December 2020. The song was originally sung by Bob Dylan and is a departure from her very uptempo song Toy which she won Eurovision 2018 with.

Of her new release Netta said: "2020 was not like any other year. It introduced into our lives more change than we ever knew was possible. Violence, racism, hatred, isolation and protest - they all reached a peak, and there is a lot of sadness and pain but also a hope for fruitful grounds and something new to grow from it." You can listen to her new song below:

Benjamin Ingrosso - En Gång I Tiden

Benjamin Ingrosso not only released a new song but also a new album. En Gång I Tiden came out on 15 January and is his first album in Swedish after releasing his English album Identification in September 2018.

Benjamin represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon with the uptempo song Dance You Off. The song made it to the Grand final, finishing in 7th place with 274 points. Here's a soundbite of his new music:

Have you heard new music from any other Eurovision stars lately? Do you have a particular favourite? Let us know in the comments below!