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Check out our new short film series 'Music First'

13 April 2021 at 18:00 CEST
Blas Cantó in the recording studio has launched 'Music First', a new series of short films exploring the creative process behind each of the songs in this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Following his victory in Tel Aviv, Duncan Laurence lifted the trophy and uttered the immortal words: “this is to music first, always.” Since then it’s become something of a proverb amongst the fandom. Take away the wobbly poles, pyrotechnics and glitter cannons of the live performances, and you’re always left with a song. Or in the case of Eurovision 2021, 39 songs.

Inspired by Duncan's sentiment, each day from now until the Contest, will present a new episode of Music First.

Each artist has recorded behind the scenes footage from the recording process to give you an insight into the track’s origin story. You might be ready to learn the dance moves and second guess the staging, but we're stripping the entries back to their beginnings.

We discover all sorts of interesting facts and stories, from the emotional importance of the lyrics, as Gjon’s Tears explores in a later video...

"The song is definitely emotional and epic, and I’d say deep. Deep because the themes I explore are really important to me and that depth is so important to me."

Gjon's Tears recording Tout l'Univers the significance of taking a song to Eurovision, as Blas Cantó explains:

"Whatever happens, I know that this is the most beautiful tribute I could have created for her."

We also get to witness the funnier side of being in a recording studio, as revealed by Vincent Bueno in our debut episode:

"Getting a flight to the studio early in the morning and then having to try and hit the Amen high note was funniest to me; it became a running joke because sometimes it came out like a Tarzan: Aa-AaaAaaaAa-men!!

So make sure you subscribe now to the official Eurovision YouTube channel and don’t miss out on a single episode of Music First.