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Museum Monday Week Eight: Common and usual questions

18 July 2016 at 21:00 CEST
The Eurovision Song Contest is known for being an inclusive event where fans can meet the artists, ask them questions and usually have a photograph or two. Journalists who attend the press conferences at the event also get the chance to pose questions to the acts. In part eight of our Museum Monday series we ask previous participants about the most common and unusual questions that they have been asked by fans and journalists alike. 

In over 60 years, the Eurovision Song Contest has provided many memorable moments and raised many questions. Every year there is great interest in the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest from the international press as well as the loyal fans. Whilst most questions tend to focus on the song, performance or even the costumes, some questions have been a little more unusual than others. Check out our video featuring reflections from previous winners of Europe's favourite television show.