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Moroccanoil announce Eurovision online party takeover

05 March 2021 at 15:00 CET
Moroccanoil announces their Eurovision 2021 online party takeover! Moroccanoil
As the official Presenting Partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, luxury hair and body care brand Moroccanoil has launched a competition to celebrate the upcoming Contest. Successful applicants will have the chance to virtually meet a very special Eurovision guest during a virtual viewing party!

Despite last year's cancellation of the world's biggest song competition, fans still managed to find ways to celebrate Eurovision, and even though the online parties looked a little different from the jam-packed, in-person events we're used to, the fandom's spirit shone through.

Thousands of fans from around the world held their own private virtual viewing parties to salute, acknowledge and toast the 41 artists and songs from the Contest that never was.

Now, the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will happen - no matter what, and to celebrate, Moroccanoil will host a virtual party on Saturday 13 March. Fans will be able to come together online to discuss all things hair and music, in addition to meeting a very special guest: a secret Eurovision star who will join in on the fun!

Interested in joining - and meeting the special Eurovision guest star? Head over to Moroccanoil’s website and follow the application guidelines.