Morena launches Vodka Teaser Countdown


Morena's official blog has launched the Vodka Teaser Countdown. The idea behind this concept is that day by day a new photograph will be published, revealing a clue and small detail about Morena's outfit for Belgrade. The idea is to keep people guessing, but also give a small indication of what to expect!.

The Maltese delegation will be heading for Belgrade on the 13th of May, and Morena will be taking the stage for her first rehearsal of the song Vodka on the 14th May. A farewell party will be organized on the 12th May in Malta and will be hosted by the Minister for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Ms Dolores Cristina. This has been traditional in past years, enabling the Maltese public to wave goodbye and wish good luck to their Eurovision Song Contest entrant.

In the mean time, Morena will be meeting up with her dancers who fly in from Stockholm today. Photos will be also published on Morena’s blog very soon to keep all the fans updated with the progress of how everything is going.

Morena will perform Vodka in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday 22nd May.


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