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Apart from the costumes, visually the stage act was virtually the same as their first rehearsal. The two lead singers start the song seated with their backs to the audience, facing the steadycam operator,before turning around and facing what will be a huge audience in the arena.

Mixture of pop, hip hop and rap

The lead singer Emils, gave an assured performance and is confident as he works to the cameras, and Marats who is more involved in the hip hop and rap elements of the song. The mixture of the different styles of music works very well together. They are one of the few acts this year that doesn't use any form of pyrotechnics to enchance the entry, as they want the audience to focus on the actual song.


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Musiqq arrived calm and collected backstage in Düsseldorf Arena, and had a quick chat with our reporter from

"We're looking forward to rehearsing again and just hope it will be better than last time. Last time was really good, though, so now we only have to perfect it. We want to catch the camera close-ups even better this time," they said.

So far, they are enjoying the Eurovision Song Contest experience in full, appreciating the grand treatment.

The hosting everywhere is great, we're meeting new people and are treated almost as superstars. In Latvia, you can't be like a superstar, since there are only two million people – and we know about one quarter of them personally. It's too small."

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The pair informed the press that they were very happy with their rehearsals, and they had kept everything the same since their first rehearsal. The only difference being the didn't wear their stage outfits today, although they did joke their t shirts and jeans were going to be their stage clothes.

 I'm not nervous now and I can't wait. I love to be on the stage and perform.

Much of the press conference was taken up with all the singers performing a number of songs, including Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, True Colours and Abracadabra.

Emils recalled the victory of Latvia in 2002 with Marie N and I Wanna, when he was just a  young child, and how popular the contest was in Latvia. The country has great expections for the entry, and everyone is happy that they are going with a young and modern song. When pressed further by the moderator as to what those expectations would be in terms of result, the replied "the top one."

They have to get through the Second Semi-Final which takes place on Thursday 12th May to see if they can fulfill that expectation in Europe's Favourite Tv Show.

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