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More magic and glitter for Croatia

05 May 2011 at 20:55 CEST
Daria represented Croatia in 2011 with the song 'Celebrate' EBU

Backstage - Magical dress change

Daria from Croatia received a lot of attention backstage because of her German origin. But she was raised in Austria, with a Croatian mother.

"It's really great to be in Germany, I get to speak German. Since I've been in Croatia for a few months, I've spoke so much Croatian now," she says.

During her act, she is walking and singing at the same time. It's not as easy as it looks.

"It's like fitness! I'm going to the gym every second day to manage," she admits.

But how she can do her tripple dress change is a secret she will not share.

"I have three dresses. But only my magician knows how it's done, Sergej from Russia," she says.

"It's a magic secret," Sergej says, smiling.

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Rehearsal - Glitter disco style

The Croatian rehearsal was the last on the schedule for today in the Düsseldorf Arena. Daria started by practicing her dance moves ahead of the first run through of her song, Celebrate. 

After this the guys sitting high above the stage in the light rigging lowered some lights in time for her to start singing. It seemed that Daria was very focused and kept making sure she was in the right position to start performing. 

The performance has not changed significantly although there appear to be a few tweaks to the choreography and some work done on the dress changes during the song. 

In terms of vocals, they were in tune and confident. The backing singers also did well, even though they were dancing in the background, which can often provide a challenge when it comes to singing. 

Visually the performance is impressive and colourful, starting off with blue colours and then become more vibrant and diverse as the song progressive. They really do suit the upbeat and disco nature of the song. 

To finish off with glitter is blown by the male backing dancer to give the song a shiny finish... 

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The Croatian video:

Press Conference

The press conference with Daria talking about her performance, "we haven't changed much, just a few small things". 

Daria also mentioned that she had been to Düsseldorf city centre to do some shopping, "with the girls" and that she had been to parties and is planning to go to more parties. 

When asked about how she feels when performing she said, "I feel very good on the stage. It's a huge stage; I have four backing singers and I hope I get to the final".

"There are 43 countries and they are all good, all good singers and great backing vocals. It will be hard for us", Daria explained when talking about her chances for qualifying. 

She sang a version of Mamma Mia with her backing singers to demonstrate her vocal talents to the people in the audience, who were very enthusiastic. 

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