Montenegro: Ralph Siegel's 19th attempt

Just like last year, the Montenegrin representative was appointed internally by an expert jury. According to an announcement on the RTCG website, the seven-member jury panel unanimously voted in favour of Andrea Demirović to represent the small nation in Moscow.

Andrea's the first female singer to represent the Balkan republic, following Stefan Filipović. In an interesting way he also performed as the first song last year in Belgrade. Sadly his song achieved the 14th place in his Semi-Final and thus did not qualify for the Final. 

Who is Andrea?

Her first public appearance was in 2002 at the festival Suncane Skale in Herceg-Novi, which was the turning point in her professional career. Many more festival appearances followed, in her country and abroad (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia). A few months later, she made an appearance at the Suncane Skale festival again, performing her hits Sta Ce Mi Dani and Planina, showing how much she has grown as an artist. 

She's taken part in the Montenegrin national selection before too but wasn't as successful as this year. 

Is nineteen the charm (again)?

Maybe the secret behind her victory is the veteran composer of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ralph Siegel? The German legend has participated at Europe's favorite TV-show eighteen times before, making this his nineteenth attempt. He's won the contest once - in 1982 with Nicole's Ein Bißchen Frieden.

Is nineteen the charm (for the second time)? What do you think, if you see the video below? 


Andrea will perform in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Moscow on the 12th of May. You can read more about her here.

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