Montenegro kick off Day 5

Andrea is today wearing a sparkling silvery black dress, which the delegation stated is 99% sure to be the dress worn in the Semi-Final. The performance itself was slick and polished. Just Andrea and her Croatian born dancer visibly appear before the cameras, however four German backing vocalists accompany to the side of the stage. There is animated dialogue through dance between Andrea and her dancer throughout the three minutes. He takes his jacket on and off intermittently.

Silver and pink are the colours for Montenegro this year. The stage backdrop is very pink, and has pictures of silver fans, chains and padlocks on the LED screens. Veteran composer Ralph Siegel was keenly watching in front of the monitor and giving feedback, guidance and praise to Andrea and her dancer after each performance.

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During the press conference the Montenegrin team treated the press to a chorus of the Ralph Siegel Dschingis Khan song Moskau (Moscow). Andrea and Ralph were both much more pleased with the second rehearsal today.


For the second year in a row, Montenegro will open the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Andrea is hoping to be the first contestant in Montenegro's short competing history to qualify directly to the Final.

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