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Montenegro: Eurovision-Neurovision?

17 May 2012 at 10:35 CEST

Rambo Amadeus is an experienced and popular singer, and this fact showed when met him backstage before his second rehearsal today. He was very relaxed, and joking about his song: "It's about Euro, and about Neuro", he said.

When we asked him how the audience in Montenegro reacted after his selection as the Eurovision representative, he said: "Some of them think it was an accident."

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In his second rehearsal, Rambo Amadeus showed his Semi-Final outfit for the first time: a black suit with a white shirt underneath - and he was wearing a false beard! In the beginning of the song he also wore a black cloak which he stripped off after a few seconds. The other band members on stage were also wearing black suits.

The three backing dancers were showing an energetic choreography involving somersaults, and at some point revealing a red banner which shows parts of the song lyrics: "Euro Neuro give me chance to refinance."

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On the main gadget on stage - a wooden donkey mock-up - a towel was attached, which Rambo Amadeus picked up in the end of the performance.

The LED backdrop has changed since the first rehearsal - it showed a Montenegrin scenery, a cruise ship and a young lady sunbathing.

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Rambo Amadeus arrived on the press conference stage in a silver jacket today, and the first thing he did was to rearrange the big loudspeakers there. The Head of Press of the Montenegrin delegation, Sabrija Vulić, then introduced the team and announced that there had been problems during today's rehearsal.

"I'm enjoying Baku very much", Rambo Amadeus stated. "The people here are cool, calm, taking their time. I feel a great deal of nostalgia here."

A Russian journalist jokingly asked Rambo Amadeus which one of the 2012 female Eurovision singers he would take to his swimming pool. "All of them", he answered.

One journalist asked Rambo Amadeus if it was a disadvantage for him to drawn in the First Semi-Final, while all other Ex-Yugoslav countries, where he is already well-known, are in the Second Semi-Final, and if the rest of Europe would understand his humour. He replied: "If your boat is too fast, you have to give a handicap to it. If I was in the other Semi-Final, I would have an unfair advantage because the people in Former Yugoslavia already know me and my humour and would vote for me just because of that. So I feel better now, being in the First Semi-Final. As to the other European countries: If I have one per mill of understanding in Europe, it would be already enough for me."