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Montenegro: Andrea opened the rehearsals

03 May 2009 at 10:12 CEST

Andrea Demirovic performed her entry alone on stage except for a very intense male dancer, all dressed in white. The choreography is inspired by the 70's and especially Saturday Night Fever. Over her head the large LED screens were moving seemingly freely. Initially, there were some technical problems during the rehearsal. After her first run, Andrea stated that she couldn't hear the choir and the music clearly in her in-ear plugs. After the second try, she said that she heard them too loudly. Eventually the sound was adjusted and the rehearsal was completed without major issues.


After reharsing, Andrea went on to the official press conference. She appeared on the podium along with her team, including the legendary composer Ralph Siegel. The composer complimented Andrea for her artistic skills and stated that it was an dream to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest in Russia. Andrea said that she was very satisfied with her first rehearsal. The press conference was finished with Andrea singing her entry to the assembly.

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Andrea Demirovic was born on 17th June, 1985 in Podgorica, Montenegro. She graduated from the Music School in Bar. As a fifteen-year-old girl she moved to Kotor to finish Music High School. Now, Andrea is a student of the Music Academy in Cetinje at the Department of Music Pedagogy. Her first public appearance was in 2002 at the festival Suncane Skale in Herceg-Novi, which was the turning point in her professional career. Many more festival appearances followed, in her country and abroad. Her first self-titled album was published in 2006, after two years of preparation. Her entry in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest was written by the legend Ralph Siegel marking his 19th attempt in the history of the contest.

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