Montenegro: A strong ballad with the figure skating

“I am totally relaxed. Of course that there is a lot of excitement but I’m going to enjoy I’m sure”, Sergej told us during the soundcheck, some minutes before his first rehearsal. Even though there are two versions of this year’s Montenegrin entry, Sergej Ćetković decided to sing in his mother tongue. “The message of the song is stronger in Montenegrin”, he added.

As we were wondering how will Sergej’s performance of the song Moj Svijet going to look like, Marko Novaković, who is directing the stage performance this year explained that the idea is to be elegant. “Considering that we have a strong ballad this time, what’s happening on the stage needs to follow the message of the song. Sergej sings about the love in general. In other words it’s not about Montenegro only”, Novaković said.

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During his first rehearsal, Sergej was obviously focused on his warm and strong vocal performance, that he is know about especially in the neigbouhring countries. Nevertheless, he won’t be alone on the Eurovision stage. Besides two male backing vocalists, once in a while during the performance, Jelena Stanisavljević, a figure skater from Serbia is also being in the focus of Sergej’s love story.

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