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Slavko from Montenegro: "I always expect more and more from myself"

30 April 2017 at 16:55 CEST
Montenegro rehearsals Andres Putting
Slavko Kalezić is one of the more colourful performers in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The theatre, film and TV star will represent his home country, Montenegro, with the song Space.

Like so many of the performers this year, Slavko participated in several of the Eurovision pre-parties and has made friends over the past few weeks. "I performed in London, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Madrid. I am so looking forward to seeing the different representatives again, we had a connection, we’ve kept in touch."

Slavko is an open book and he revealed that his first rehearsal will be close to what viewers will see on 9th May. "Today people will see what I prepared for the stage performance. For my first rehearsal it will be like the live show. I want to be focused, I have prepared for weeks and months. I will give my best to do what is expected of me today."

Slavko’s hairpiece has created much discussion online since in the video for Space, the long ponytail is used as a lasoo! "Of course it is not my real hair but it is made from real hair. It was the idea of stylist, she is amazing and very dedicated to me."

We caught up with Slavko after his rehearsal and he shared his reflections: "I am satisfied. The first two times were horrible for me but on the third run through I gathered all my energy. In the end I am never satisfied, I think that is good, I always expect more from myself."

Now that Slavko has finished at Kyiv's International Exhibition Centre for the next few days, what are his plans? "I will be in the gym, seeing Kyiv and of course preparing for the show, since I am here to work," he adds with a cheeky smile.

Slavko's next rehearsal will be on Thursday, 4th of May. Montenegro will take part in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 9th of May.