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Montenegrin first Party on Mars

10 May 2013 at 19:26 CEST

“Showbiz is not an easy life, you know. It’s so hot under these costumes, but it’s worth it. Astronauts on Eurovision stage are being part of the story”, the guys from Who See told us in the dressing room. They are wearing huge white costumes stuffed with cotton wool, also equipped with special devices. In this particular case, with a few tape recorders, speakers, lights and phone lines.

Nina is also following story about Montenegrin Igranka (Party) organised on Mars. However, she wears much less of cyborg elements, designed by Ana Zarubica. “My part in the song is not easy to perform live. Chorus in such songs is usually very demanding. You need to be very precise while performing. It is a big challenge for me and I’m glad if people like our song”, Nina Žižić said after rehearsing her vocal parts in the song in the backstage.

About the performance

As we wanted to be absolutely sure what’s really going on, we asked Zonjo Marković, who also directed their preview video (one of the most popular among Eurovision fans this year, viwed more then million times) to give us more details.

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“There is a lot of buzz about the life on Mars. Some companies are even offering trips to that planet. I thought ok, that would obviously happen, sooner or later. If people really start living there, they will eventually want to party too. So, that’s what Dedduh and Noyz are doing, invading Mars in order to organize the first party there”, Zonjo explained.

“Nek’ samo bit udara i da je svima banja”

After the second rehearsal Who See and Nina came to the Press area. The whole Montenegrin delegation was in a really good mood. They enjoyed every single question asked by journalists, bloggers and fans.

“This rehearsal was much better, we were more concentrated, but we were also sweating more”, Dedduh and Noyz said. As one of the questions was, whose idea was to have singers as astronauts and cyborgs on the stage, movie director Zonjo Marković said that he is the one responsible. “We all dream about being astronauts when we are kids. In this case we wanted to have a party in the space.”

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Explaining how they got the name Who See, guys have shared a unusual story about the guy from Ireland who came to Montenegro. “He noticed that the meat is much cheaper in our country. We helped him to get good, but cheap meat and as favour he came up with that name. That’s what really happened."

Nina sang Loreen’s winning song from 2012 during the Press conference, explaining how Euphoria is her favourite Eurovision song ever, while Dedduh und Noyz wanted to share their message: “Nek’ samo bit udara i da je svima banja”, a part from the verse of the song. Translation of that line would be – let the beat go on and let us all enjoy!