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Monika Kuszyńska to represent Poland in Vienna

09 March 2015 at 20:15 CET

This year, the Polish broadcaster TVP decided to make their choice for Vienna internally. Until now, they kept their hopeful in secret and made tonight's announcement long-awaited and very thrilling. Monika Kuszyńska is the Polish choice for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. With this choice, the Polish broadcaster and all Polish nation want to build special bridge on the Eurovision stage - "a bridge of tolerance"!

Monika Kuszyńska is the Polish representative in Vienna. She is a popular singer in her home country. Monika was a lead singer in the pop band Varius Manx. In 2006, she had a car accident and since then she is a partially paralyzed. But Monika didn't give up her passion - singing. On the contrary, she decided to sing for love and tolerance. In Vienna, Monika will perform In The Name Of Love. The lyrics of the song was written by Monika herself, the music was composed by Monika's husband, Kuba Raczyński. Its Polish title is Obudź Się I Żyj.

Message of Monika's song

A part of Monika's song refrain includes “building bridge form heart to heart in the name of love!”

 Through all my artistic efforts I try to link two worlds that up until recently seemed impossible to combine world of people with and without disabilities. Bridge of understanding between those two becomes stronger and stronger each year. I strongly believe that some day borders separating those worlds will disappear forever. This year Eurovision Song Contest motto is Building Bridges and it fits perfectly the idea I convey through my song. The contest's phrase also inspired me to write lyrics to In The Name Of Love. Because in the name of love we are able to overcome every barrier, aren't we?, Monika Kuszyńska says.


Świat Się Kręci

Monika Kuszyńska was invited to the local talk show Świat Się Kręci (The World Goes Around) where she officially was announced as the Polish representative in Vienna.

Świat Się Kręci is a local talk show with different important cultural, scientific and political topics. It is broadcast from Monday till Friday on TVP1, starting at 18:30 CET. Tonight, it was all about music and Eurovision. It was hosted by Agata Młynarska's guests.

Among tonight's guests were Donatan& CLEO, Halina Frąckowiak, Artur Orzech and Marek Sierocki. Ryszard Rembiszewski, the Polish commentator of the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest (the year when Poland broadcast the Contest but still didn't participated) also took part in the talk show. 

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