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Molly Sterling sets the pace for Ireland

16 May 2015 at 13:28 CEST
Molly Sterling represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 EBU
It was an early morning arrival for Molly Sterling and the Irish delegation which turned out into another strong rehearsal of Playing With Numbers at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

At 17 Molly Sterling is one of the youngest performers in this years Eurovision Song Contest, so this morning's performance might have felt like a big change from going to her classes on a normal day.

Today's lesson was a performance of Playing With Numbers where she was the centre of attention. The song that represents Ireland in Vienna is co-written by herself along with Greg French.

Molly is wearing black jeans, top and jacket and gives another strong vocal performance while playing the piano. She is not alone on stage, accompanied by a five piece band including drummer, bass, cello and backing singers. The whole performance is a laid back affair helped by the lighting and backdrop which shows forests in the sunset.

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I didn't tell anybody I was going to take part in Eurovision

In Ireland's postcard we can see Molly with one of her bigger favourite addictions: honey, "the honey they gave me there was gone in one day!" confessed Molly upon arrival at her Press Conference.

"I'm privileged to be on this stage", she followed, and also said that they really didn't do many changes to the performance since the first rehearsal.

Even though Molly is a very young "Lady" she's a huge Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fan, her favourite song being Lady.

Asked about why she decided to take part in the contest she declared "it is amazing to be able to represent your country in music, when there is nothing else you can do to represent your country, Eurovision is great for that" adding that "I didn't tell anybody that I was taking part in Eurovision, and it then appeared on Facebook the day after and it was weird in the school that day".

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What everybody know is her passion for music: "It's never been a fight for me to have time to dedicate to music" ¿Eurovision or  school? Molly thinks that "education is really important and Eurovision is an amazing school, so well, you can do both".

To the question "What's your biggest gamble?" she joked "...well, probably doing Eurovision" before passing the question on to each of the other members in her delegation.