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Molly: "Everyone seems really happy with number 26"

09 May 2014 at 20:35 CEST

Much of the press conference centred around the running order, as Molly will be the last of the 26 acts to perform on stage in this years contest.

"I've nothing against number 26"

It will mean a long show for Molly as she awaits backstage in the Final of this year's contest. and she hopefully wants to finish the show on an up.

"I was really happy to draw the second half, but I hadn't given it a lot of thought. I've nothing against number 26" she joked "and everyone else is really happy about it"

Molly will see a lot of her fellow performers take to the stage before her, but shortly before she is called up to the stage, she will take some time out to herself, to get into her space and zone. "I'm her to do a job, and it probably wouldn't be ok if I was dancing to all the acts whilst watching them."

Today was actually the first time that Molly had performed her entry in front of an audience at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen. "I love working to an audience" stated Molly, "and I'm more comfortable than just with the cameras."

She loves people and finds them fascinating, whether they are an evil monster or an angel, and it is that machination that makes people the most fascinating thing in the world for her.

That comes over in the song Children Of The Universe, and Molly, (who is also the co-composer), was asked about the concept behind the song? "It is the power of humanity and people, which is quite a big concept, but hopefully you feel it".

Appropriately then the  contest will finish with the lyric "Power to the people",

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