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Moldova: Worldwide flash-mob in support of Aliona Moon

Posted 2 May 2013 at 15:09

Moldovans from all over Europe and places as far as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates united last Sunday to show their support for Aliona Moon. In a unique flashmob, they launched balloons in the colours of the Moldovan flag, blue, yellow and red. Check out the impressions from Paris, Dubai, Rome, Padua, Parma, Venice, Faro, Lisbon, and Athens in our gallery:
Meanwhile, the team behind Aliona Moon has recorded the official video clip of the 2013 Moldovan Eurovision entry, O Mie. The filming took two days, and the finished video is due to be released in the end of this week. But you can already look at our photo gallery.
Yuliana Scutaru and Pasha Parfeny, the 2012 Moldovan representative, have been working a lot behind the scenes of the video recording. They explained to Eurovision.tv: "We coloured trees with an organic substance, good for trees, so no worries about that! Aliona wore two looks, changing at the end of the video. And you can even watch how we applied some kind of magical powder - you will see how it works when we present the video."

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