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Moldova: Wedding atmosphere in the arena

10 May 2009 at 12:57 CEST

Three things, folk costumes, folk singing and folk dancing, form one unit in the Moldovan entry which is called Hora. Nelly Ciobanu and her dancers transmitted a folksy mood to the journalists in their second rehearsal today. A wedding atmosphere prevailed in the arena. The Moldovan band appeared in beautiful ethnic costumes on stage. Nelly wore a short white dress with a green pinafore and purple embroidered flowers on it, that suited her purple boots perfectly. Her four dancers wore national costumes, parts of which reminded of skirts. The backing vocals stood in the back of the stage and waved with a wooden stick with colourful ribbons attached to its top. The wind machine was also used. In the press conference, the head of the Moldovan delegation, Vitalie Cojocaru, mentioned some slight sound problems in the second rehearsal. The delegation was not satisfied with the camera work as they would have prefered to see more close-ups of their dancers. Nelly stated that her beautiful dress was decorated with Swarowski stones.


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