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Sunstroke Project bets on another 'epic' moment with Hey Mamma

01 May 2017 at 13:11 CEST
Moldova first rehearsal Thomas Hanses
Sunstroke Project will represent Moldova at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with their song Hey Mamma. The group strives to make their performance fun and positive, capturing the audience with energy and rhythm.

When talking to shortly before going on stage, they described their song Hey Mamma as simple but dynamic, which may be their recipe for success.

Epic Sax Guy

Sunstroke Project is no stranger to the Eurovision Family, as the group represented Moldova back in 2010 in collaboration with their good friend Olia Tira. The saxophone solo by one of the group's members — ever since known as Epic Sax Guy — went viral at the time.

This year, the group is bringing another ear-catchy tune supported by eye-catching graphics. Needless to say the song comes with yet another saxophone solo, which could be heard repeatedly in the backstage areas of the venue.

"An opportunity to have fun"

Sunstroke Project considers their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest as an opportunity to have fun and a possibility to enjoy music with other participants: "For us, it is important not just to perform on stage and sing — it is also important to have fun, to talk with other people, meet folks from other countries."

New album coming up

As all focus points at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Sunstroke Project released their new album. The group invites all fans who are in Kyiv to join the Moldovan party, scheduled 5th of May at Freedom Event Hall, to get a gift copy of the new album.

After the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, and regarless of the result, the group will embark on a concert tour through Ukraine and several other countries.

Moldova's second rehearsal is planned for Thursday, 4th of May. Sunstroke Project will take part in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 9th of May.