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Moldova selects tonight

Posted 9 Febuary 2008 at 0:00

Initially 27 songs were entered to the competition, and broadcaster TRM took the unusual step of airing these songs on their website for media and fans reactions. These reactions and comments however had no bearing on the decision as to which twelve songs would progress to the final. The results of this jury has decided the running order for the final. The least successful song in the first round of voting will perform first, right through to the most successful song having the honour of performing in last place. The running order is therefore as follows :
  1. Ljusija Znamensky - Don't Deceive My Heart
  2. Elena Dermidjean - Living Creatures
  3. Scroom - Jane
  4. Galina Scoda - Your Own Vision
  5. Dana Marchitan - Your Name
  6. Jay Mon - Point Of View
  7. Catrina Pislaru - Dance With Me
  8. Cristina Rujitkaya - You Make Me Feel Crazy
  9. Geta Burlacu - A Century Of Love
  10. Edict - I Believe
  11. Alexa - We Are One
  12. Olia Tira - Always Will Be
If you wish to listen to the twelve finalists songs prior to this evenings final, you can do this by following the link to host broadcaster TRM.
The voting for the national final will be split between a special jury, televoting and a refereeing committee by TRM. The winner of the selection will go on to represent Moldova in the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 21st of May in Belgrade.

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