Moldova selects for Belgrade on 9th of February


The jury released the full score sheet of the internal selection of songs through the TRM website. Olia Tira, who won the internal selection, gets the opportunity to perform last during the televised national final. 

  1. Liusia Znamensky - Don't Deceive My Heart
  2. Elena Dermidjean - Living Creatures 
  3. Scroom - Jane 
  4. Galina Scoda - Your Own Vision 
  5. Dana Marchitan - Your Name 
  6. Jay Mon - Point Of View 
  7. Catrina Pislaru - Dance With Me 
  8. Cristina Rujitcaia - You Make Me Feel Crazy 
  9. Geta Burlacu - A Century Of Love 
  10. Edict - I Believe 
  11. Alexa - We Are One 
  12. Olia Tira - Always Will Be

The 12 songs can be heard at the website of Moldovan broadcaster TRM

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