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Moldova's Cristina is a Eurovision Mulan

06 May 2014 at 10:57 CEST

Cristina is a Eurovision Mulan

Cristina Scarlat, the Moldovan participant in the First Semi-Final is compared Mulan, the Disney personage, who in one of the serials cut her hair – like Christina did.

"Cutting my hair on stage is a metaphor. It symbolises the decision that a human being takes when in doubt. As I start the song, I am unsure of the reason for my existence. As the lyrics say: What am I? Am I human? Each of us has two important sides inside us, which often battle with each other: the powerful fighter and the weak emotional side. By cutting my hair, I choose to be a fighter and confront all the difficulties in life, not only on a personal level, but also to make the world a better place."

Cristina’s time in Copenhagen till now asked the singer about her experiences and new friends. Cristina said that she met everyone at the Official Ceremony yesterday. “Everyone was very friendly and up for taking selfies,” Cristina smiled.

A few weeks ago, Cristina also had the chance to take the same flight with the great Valentina Monetta from San Marino, and they both nearly missed their flight.

Cristina has got a chance to have a "picnic in the hotel lobby" with Teo from Belarus and chatted with Mariya Yaremchuk from Ukraine. Cristina is also a great admirer of Paula Seling from Romania. She has got the chance to meet and to talk about her future music plans. At the meet and greet session with Montenegro, Cristina also thinks of making a duet with Sergej in future.

Before, the big show tomorrow, the Moldovan singer is overwhelmed by the grandeur of the  Eurovision Song Contest, the friendly and professional approach of everyone. She is also very happy that Eurovision has so many devoted fans – it is something very new for Cristina. asked Cristina how her family supports her in her career. “Before the Semi-Final, I feel at my best! And I am greatly supported by my team and my fans. But my biggest surprise and positive feeling will be to meet my husband, who will arrive right before tomorrow’s show.

About her favourite participant, Cristina said that she finds it very hard to pick a favourite, she finds all contestants very different from one another, so it's difficult to compare.

The Moldovan singer told us that in the near future, she will launch a music video to another song and will continue her career as a live music performer with her live musicians' band. She also plans to work with some of the talented people she met in the Eurovision Song Contest.