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Moldova's Aliona Moon releases new clip

25 May 2015 at 19:00 CEST
Aliona Moon Andrei Fedco
At the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, Aliona Moon represented Moldova in Malmö where more than 170 million viewers saw her perform her beautiful ballad O Mie. She secured a respectable 11th place in the Grand Final. Now Aliona is releasing her brand new follow-up single.

The single is called Loc Pentru Dragoste and is Aliona Moon's first release after her Eurovision Song Contest participation. The song is written by Smiley, Constantin Bodea, Alina Dinca, and Theea Miculescu.

It was released today, on Aliona's birthday, and of course we wish her all the best on that occasion!

You can watch the official video clip below:

"Create a space for love"

Aliona Moon explains the message of the song and the concept of the video clip:

Last year I participated in the Romanian talent show The Voice, and I was the only Moldovan artist who reached the final. My mentor - Smiley - made me a gift: he wrote the song Loc Pentru Dragoste for me, which means Room for love.

The message of the song is that you have to create some space in your heart if you want love to come in. Even if it hurts today, you will love again for sure.

The concept for the video clip was developed by Yuliana Scutaru. She came with the idea of the video - a guy who carries his old relationship with him as a broken luggage,  wherever he goes, and it doesn't let him find his new love. 

I feel very lucky because of collaborating not only with my dearest friends and my love Vova on this project, but also with one of the most talented video studios from Moldova, Spoiala Brothers, who transformed our idea into a colorful movie. It was really hard to choose the images for this three minutes, because we had so much good video material!