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Moldova: Results of the second semi-final

26 February 2015 at 22:40 CET

The Moldovan local star Gloria Gorceag opened the second semi-final with her song Mai Stai. Gloria was also a host on the main stage, accompanied by her male collegue Sergiu Bezniţchi. Daniela Babici and Sandu Scobioală reported and interviewed the participants from the green room.

Like in the first show, seven singers were chosen by the joint decision (50/50) of the professional jury and TV viewers. The eighth finalist was selected by audience and announced later after the show. It is Julia Sandu.

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It was the order of appearance on stage (qualifiers in bold):

  1. Vera & Diana Popa - Faith (music and lyrics: Vera Țurcanu)
  2. Valeria Paşa - I Can Change All My Life (music and Lyrics: Valeria Pașa)
  3. Carolina Gorun - Sublime (music: Linda Persson, Ylva Persson, Mats Tärnfors; lyrics: Linda Persson, Ylva Persson, Natasha Turner)
  4. Stela Boţan - Save Me (music: Constantin Dușcu; lyrics: Stela Boțan)
  5. Cezara - Am Devenit Straini (music: Ene Gelu Sergiu, Andrei Iorga, Alin Radu; lyrics: Andrei Iorga, Sandel Balan)
  6. Doinita Gherman - Inima Fierbinte (music: Doina Gherman, Ricu Vodă; text: Doina Gherman, Cătălin Gondiu)
  7. Dana Markitan - Love Me (music: Patrik Öhlund; lyrics: Madelene Hamberg)
  8. DoReDos - Maricica (music: Pavel Parfeni; lyrics: Pavel Parfeni, Mihai Teodor)
  9. Vitalie Todiraşcu - Tu Singura (music: Valy Boghean; text: Anton Bacalbaşa)
  10. Julia Sandu - Fire (music and lyrics: Calle Kindbom, David Wilhelmson, Philip Morris Åkerblad)
  11. Lidia Isac - I Can’t Breathe (music: Anton Ragoza, Serghei Stepanov; lyrics: Mihai Teodor)
  12. Miss M - Lonely Stranger (music and lyrics: Anastasia Ursu)

Here are the joint results of jury and TV viewers:

Tonight's jury panel consisted of:

  1. Vlad Costandoi - producer
  2. Andrei Sava - composer
  3. Serge Kino - DJ & promoter
  4. Zinuţa Julea - Lecturer Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts
  5. Dumitru Miller -  Conductor of State Philarmonic Orhcestra from Ashdod, Israel
  6. Iurie Badicu - producer and lyricist
  7. Victoria Tcacenco - Associate Professor, Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts. Doctor in arts.
  8. Adrian Beldiman - composer, chief music editor Radio Moldova
  9. Victor Buruiană - songwriter

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In the commercial break, the local group Tharmis and its lead singer Valentin Uzun entertained the audience. Later on, Aliona Moon joint Valentin Uzun on stage where they sang different music abstracts. 

The Moldovan final

The Moldavan final will take place on the 28th of February. You can watch it with us on or, alternatively, on the TRM official web site