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Moldova: Pasha and five girls take the stage

14 May 2012 at 18:00 CEST

While preparing for his performance backstage, Pasha Parfeny shared his thoughts and expectations with "We just had our first microphone rehearsal, and this morning we rehearsed the choreography together with our Ukrainian dancers from the ballet group Lyubovniki ("Lovers")", Pasha Parfeny explained.

When we asked Pasha if his stage performance would feature a trumpet as well, as it's mentioned in the lyrics of Lăutar, he replied: "No, I won't have a trumpet on stage. There will be several beautiful girls, though."

He also explained the story behind his song: "It's about a Lăutar, a traditional Moldovan musician, who falls in love with a high-society girl. He thinks he will win her heart with his trumpet, but she lies!"

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The Moldovan stage act included a truly elaborate dance performance, involving five female artists. Their energetic moves added to the cheerful atmosphere of the song: They were crawling around of the floor, climbing on each others legs, and performing a line dance together with Pasha Parfeny!

But in fact, the Moldovan act even features a sixth female dancer - even though it's only a white silhouette pictured on the LED screens in the stage background. Apart from that, a trumpet - fitting the song lyrics - as well as chequerboard patterns were shown on the LEDs. The main colour of the light scene was red.

Pasha himself delivered a flawless and vocally strong performance, and he was working very well with the cameras.

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Pasha Parfeny started the press conference by introducing the Moldovan delegation to the press. Asked about his musical background, Pasha explained that his father is a Lăutar, just like the main person in his Eurovision entry, and his mother is a teacher and also a jazz pianist.

He also explained that the official Romanian-language version of his song was not written for the Eurovision Song Contest, that's why he created a new version in English only two months ago. He also performed an excerpt of his 2011 Eurovision national selection song, Dorule, accappella on the press conference stage.