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Moldova: National final with 25 songs on February 26th

21 January 2011 at 23:56 CET

Until January 16th, songwriters and singers from Moldova were asked to send in their songs for the national selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. A total of 93 songs complying with the rules of the competition have been received. On January 22nd, an expert jury will gather to narrow down the list to 60 singers who will be invited to the second round of the national selection, to take place on January 29th. On that day, the remaining candidates will be required to present their songs live to the jury members, who will then pick 25 finalists who will get the opportunity to fight for the ticket to Düsseldorf in the Moldovan national final, to be broadcast live on February 26th.

Among the candidates are Zdob și Zdub, who already represented Moldova in 2005 with Boonika Bate Doba, as well as Natalia Barbu, who came 10th in the Final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with Fight. The list also includes several singers that took part in last year's national selection, including Constantinova, Valeria Tarasova, and Doinița Gherman.

You can listen to all the songs on the official website of TRM.