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Moldova: national final on 6th of March

16 February 2010 at 09:42 CET

In a press conference on the 15th of February, TRM announced the dates of the Moldovan national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Two semi-finals will be held, on the 27th and 28th of February, with 15 participants each.On the 6th of March, the final will take place.

25 of the national final entries had been announced already in January, all of which were selected by a professional jury. All the other songs that were entered for the Moldovan national selection still had the chance to qualify for the semi-final through SMS voting, the results of which were announced on yesterday's press conference as well. The following entries were selected by the public:

  • Brand - S.O.S.
  • Doiniţa Gherman - Meloterapia
  • MBeyline  - Never Step Back
  • Todo – Dance 4 Life
  • Pavel Turcu – Imn Eurovision

Furthermore, the participants of the first and second semi-final were drawn as well. This is the result of the draw:

First semi-final (27th of February)

  1. Millenium – Before you go
  2. Monkey Mind & Daniela - Smile
  3. Ionel Istrati – Wait!
  4. Dyma - Manipulate
  5. Marcel Rosca – If Love Is The Thing
  6. Corina Cuniuc & Boris Latisev – Forever
  7. Sun Stroke Project & Olia Tira – Run Away
  8. Olia Tira – Goodbye
  9. Mihai Teodor – Ai-ai-ai
  10. Eugen Doibani – Love, Sweet Love
  11. Carolina Gorun - Addicted
  12. Sun Stroke Project - Believe
  13. Nicoleta Gavrilita – De Tristete
  14. Doiniţa Gherman – Meloterapia
  15. Todo – Dance 4 Life

Second semi-final (28th of February)

  1. Mariana Mihăilă – Say I’m Sorry
  2. Pasha – You Should Like
  3. Cristy Rouge – Don’t Break My Heart
  4. Cristina Croitor – My Heart
  5. Victoria Mahu – Padure, Verde Padure
  6. Boris Covali – No Name
  7. Valeria Tarasova – See You Soon
  8. Gloria – I’m Not Alone
  9. Gicu Cimbir – Cine Sunt Eu
  10. Alexandru Manciu – Ramii Lînga Mine
  11. Alex White – Towards The Sky
  12. Irina Tarasiuc – Lucky Star
  13. Brand – S.O.S
  14. MBeyline  - Never Step Back
  15. Pavel Turcu – Imn Eurovision

Last year, Nelly Ciobanu finished 14th with her Hora Din Moldova. It was the third time Moldova qualified for the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, out of the five times they've participated.