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Moldova: "If I do something, I do it from all my heart"

18 April 2014 at 17:48 CEST met Cristina in Amsterdam where she truly enjoyed her time there. Cristina told us how happy she would be to win the Eurovision Song Contest: "It would be something crazy, incredible, and unbelievable!" - the singer smiled. 

Following fans feedback

At the moment, Cristina’s team is working on a new stage performance in Denmark. As singers fans remember, in the Moldovan national final, Cristina and her artists showed an intriguing and unusual stage act. However, the delegation have now changed their mind and promise something completely different for Copenhagen: "We decided to leave the small quadcopters and the weird mirror away after seeing the feedback from the Eurovision fans", they explain to us.

The singer will also wear a different dress in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest: "The dress will remind the audience of a "warrior woman" - for now I won't reveal more. It was made by the same designer who designed the dress for the national final, her name is Janna Berezovskaia", Cristina told

In Wild Soul mood

Cristina is now taking method acting classes to connect more with the psychological state of the song. She's already in the Wild Soul mood these days: "It's such a complex process, considering that the song carries so much psychological tension. I can't wait to finally go on stage in Copenhagen", she finishes our small interview.

Cristina devotes a lot of her spare time to train her voice and to rehear her stage act. Here are impressions from her private rehearsals in the dance studio:

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