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Moldova eurodances in Oslo

16 May 2010 at 12:03 CEST

During the first Moldovan rehearsal, 6 people were on stage with the two main singers standing in the centre, surrounded by two male dancers, a saxophone player and a violin player whose intruments are LED-enhanced. No backing vocals are being used. The delegation chose not to reveal the clothes for the Semi-Final yet as they were all clad in casual clothes. The Moldovan song Run Away is an uptempo Eurodance song and two people of the group start off on a rotating disc with one of it being located on the catwalk. The predominant colours on stage is green, with the hundreds of lights in the background being constantly illuminated. On screen, the whole performance looked pretty dynamic with no obvious flaws that could be detected.


Sunstroke  Project is a symbiosis of a violin, saxophone and live vocals. They've given concerts in more than 30 cities and 40  clubs all over Europe and have had many hits. That all is in spite of the fact  they were only founded less than 2 years ago. Olia Tira has moved around a lot  in her early years as she was born into the family of an officer. She has even  lived in the Far East but went to school in her native Moldova. Even though  she's only 21, she's already achieved a lot, having released an album already  and having taken part in international song contests. She is hosting a morning  show on one of the Moldovan TV channels and her pictures were on the covers of  many popular Moldovan magazines. Olia has scored numerous hits in Moldova over  the last few years as well.

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Sunstroke Project and Olia Tira started their press conference with an acoustic performance of a specially composed Eurovision-themed song and revealed that their first rehearsal went very well. They admitted that the stage in the Telenor Arena is the biggest stage they ever entered and probably the biggest one they will ever be on. They explained that their song Run Away is a very positive song and that Olia Tira was added because a female voice was missing in the song. Olia revealed that she will wear a very short and sexy dress in the first Semi-Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The group members named Lithuania, Romania and Norway as their personal faves in this year's contest.

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