Moldova: Ethno-Jazz on a sofa

The first rehearsal of the Moldovan delegation went very well today, and the performers gave a confident impression on stage. The main element in the performance is a big white sofa. In the beginning, the singer Geta Burlacu sits on the loan of it and a trumpet player kneels in front of it, while in the end of the stage act, the singer cuddles in the lap of the trumpet player on the sofa. Everything was designed to convey a cosy and warm mood, which was also the reason why Geta requested the technicians to make her voice sound softer.

For Geta Burlacu, 2008 marked the second time she applied to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2006, she had taken part in the national final already, and she even reached the first place! However, as she shared the placing with two other singers, and the jury could not agree on a winner, a second national final was organized, which led to Arsenium & Natalia Gordienco winning. This year, TRM organised a national final again, and by the decision of an expert jury and the televoting public, she was picked to represent Moldova in the First Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

In the press conference, Geta was asked why she decided to have only one person with her on stage, even though a total of six performers would be allowed according to the rules of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. She revealed that the trumpet player accompanying her is in fact the person she loves, and that they wanted to create an atmosphere of intimacy which would have been disturbed by additional people on stage. Geta Burlacu admitted that the arrangement of A Century Of Love was changed in order to fit the requirements of a television show better, but she pointed out that she was proud to present a song in a style that has rarely been featured in the Eurovision Song Contest before.  


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