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Moldova: Cristina Scarlat goes dark and mysterious

02 May 2014 at 17:38 CEST

The members of the Moldovan delegation were all very relaxed when they arrived at the B&W Hallerne today - even though they have had some worrying news after their first rehearsal: "One of the dancers injured his leg during the first rehearsal and had to go to the hospital", they explained to us. "But we are all taking care of him and he will do his best to dance at the second rehearsal."

Cristina told us that she is very very satisfied with the sound. When Cristina got off the stage after the first rehearsal, she said to the whole team: "Dear all, I have just achieved a perfect state and mood, if anyone accidentally or deliberately wants to change my state, better stay away, because I have never felt so empowered before!"

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Cristina says she can't wait to get on stage for the second rehearsal, because the first one gave her a completely new set of feelings and emotions that she never felt before. She called her kids and shared that with them.

On stage, Cristina performed in a vertically split dress, one part blue, one part in a golden warrior-like style. Her long curly hair appeared to be partly a wig - she tore it off in the middle of the song, at the same moment when the wind machines also started.

The backing dancers show a lively choreography, while both the LED backdrop and the stage floor change from dark green leaves to blossoming poppy flowers. When Cristina sings "mercy", the whole stage flashes in bright white.

Pasha Parfeny, who represented Moldova in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and who wrote last year's entry, is back in the team, supporting Cristina Scarlat in Copenhagen. "He's been so helpful to me", she said.

These days, Cristina and the team have been hanging out at Euroclub parties, visiting Copenhagen, randomly walking around the streets, and singing at all time:

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"Cristina resembles two women instead of one"

"We have just changed small things in the rehearsal - the main new thing was my dress", Cristina Scarlat stated.

"My dress is half warrior - you have to be a warrior to survive in our times - and half emotional. Wild Soul is about powerful women", she explained the story told by her song.

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"It's great and it's not that unusual. I know that she wanted to be on the Eurovision stage so much, so it was natural to support her. Now that she's here I feel that we are very close friends, like soulmates, not really like relatives", Lidia Scarlat - Cristina's niece and lyricist of the song - stated.

The First Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is a very tough competition. How does the team feel about that? "Moldova just has to go to the Final - we did so the last five times too, so we just have to", Vitalie Rotaru, the Head of the Moldovan Delegation replied, smiling.

So, what makes Cristina stand out from the others acts? "She resembles two women instead of one!", Lidia spontaneously answered.

"The first thing is that Eurovision connects musicians and artists, without limits. Apart from that, the competition makes it fun. It gives a chance to new talents", Cristina answered the question why she loved Eurovision so much.