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Moldova: Cristina as a "warrior woman"

29 April 2014 at 12:04 CEST

Strong and sensitive elements of Cristina's entry

Cristina was accompanied by four male dancers in black costumes with long tops in order to look like the warriors. Even their movements had some elements of Samurai fighting. Together with Cristina they showed an thrilling dance that suited the Moldovan entry perfectly. Cristina wore casual clothing - she still wants to keep her intriguing dress in secret.

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In the beginning, the dark and deep forest was shown on the LEDs - the wild and strong part of the song. And then the beautiful red flower appeared on the LEDs - the symbol of beauty, sensitivity and feminism. There were some technical problems with the LEDs in the one of the last runs. 

All in all it, the Moldovan singer delivered a great show, combining her vocal abilities, psychological state of the song and her stage performance.

Meeting Cristina backstage

It was a nice surprise to meet not only Cristina Scarlat but also Pasha Parfeny, the Moldovan participant in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Both singers seemed relaxed and in a very good mood, singing together Cristina’s entry Wild Soul. Cristina was very happy to meet the Portuguese contestant Suzy - they already made friends and had a lot of fun in Amsterdam.

This content is unfortunately no longer available had a nice chat with Cristina backstage. "I am very excited about the stage. I saw it only on photos and can hardly wait to stand on it and feel it." The singer told about the meaning of her song in the song and her dress: “The dress is the symbol of a "warrior woman", but it shows two part of it – a strong and a sensible one. My dress was made by the same designer who designed the dress for the national final. It is Janna Berezovskaia."

After the rehearsal, Cristina recorded a video "snack" for her fans: