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DoReDoS try their luck on stage in Lisbon for the very first time

01 May 2018 at 17:00 CEST
DoReDos represented Moldova at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon with the song 'My Lucky Day' Thomas Hanses
Moldova's DoReDoS treated the rehearsal stage to an energizing first performance of their song My Lucky Day this afternoon. With no less than a body double each, the band curated theatrics that shouldn't be missed!

DoReDoS, formed in 2011, is a Moldovan folk-pop trio made up of Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov and Sergiu Mîța. Their name was derived from the first two solfège syllables, do and re. The trio met in their hometown of Rybnitsa and decided to form a band together. With their song My Lucky Day, they snatched victory at the Moldovan national selection O Melodie Pentru Europa.

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The white, square structure we see on stage at the beginning of the song is filled with small doors that open to reveal the singers. At the top of the performance, Marina and Sergiu walk around the structure to start the story the song hopes to tell. As it plays on, doors open and close to reveal the arms, legs, and faces of the artists that help us follow along until the end. 

The team caught up with DoReDoS backstage to ask them about their one-of-a-kind performance with their special prop on stage: “It’s a song about the relationship between one woman and two men. The white structure is a house, and when the windows open you get to see a visual representation of what the singers at that moment are thinking.”

They also let us know that they attended the 51st birthday party of flamboyant Russian singer, songwriter and producer Philipp Kirkorov.

My Lucky Day was written by John Ballard and composed by Philipp Kirkorov.

DoReDos will perform 7th in the second Semi-Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest on the 10th of May. 

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