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Moje 3 rehearse their cheerful teenage love song

10 May 2013 at 23:01 CEST

Before their rehearsal, Nevena, Mirna and Sara, the girls of Moje 3, visited the press centre for a photo opportunity for the journalists. 

Dragoljub Ilić, the Head of the Serbian Delegation, told that only minor changes would be made in the second rehearsal, most notably the hairstyle of the girls.

A love story in bright colours

For the first time, Serbia is sending a teenage girl band to the Eurovision Song Contest. "It's in fact much easier with them than with a big star", the Head of Delegation commented. "The girls are excited, eager to learn, and calm."

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In the rehearsal, Moje 3 showed their elaborate performance, resembling young girls chatting about love - their dresses were as colourful as the stage scenery. The cameras were quickly moving and changing views.

Surprise appearance of a Eurovision winner

In the press conference, the girls first started by making one short statement each.

Sara: "We worked really hard this week, so it’s a real pleasure to be on stage."

Nevena: "Everything was great in the rehearsal."

Mirna: "We cant wait to perform in front of all the people."

They were quick to answer what was their biggest challenge in the performance: High heels!

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On her participation in the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Nevena Božović commented: "It was the best experience in my life. It’s a big pleasure to represent your country already the second time in Eurovision." When asked about the differences, she replied: "I was a child, but the feeling is the same - it’s amazing."

Sara moved to Serbia only when she was 16 years old. "It was strange, and difficult because of friends. But now I am happy to live in Serbia," she explained.

Then Marija Šerifović, the winner of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, made a surprise appearance on the press conference stage: "I’m happy to be back with you guys. I have been on the stage for such a long time, and now it’s time to do something from the other side. Start to write about the girls – they are pretty, they have many good qualities, but first of all they know how to sing."

Boris Miljković commented on the change of dresses, from angel and devil costumes in the national selection: "We like the outfits, and the girls love the outfits. And this time they look like girls. Ana Ljubinković has designed very special costumes, and we wanted the girls to look like a patchwork, like three girls in one personality - the devil and angel is in everyone."