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Modern meets traditional for Montenegro

13 May 2015 at 14:40 CEST
All set for the first rehearsal for Montenegro Elena Volotova (EBU)
Nenad Knežević Knez has it all already. This year's Eurovision representative from Montenegro is one of the most popular artists in his country. Many of his songs, including ten studio albums became the bestsellers in the Balkans and the eleventh is on its way. So, why take part in the Eurovision Song Contest? "This is different. I was always a huge Eurovision fan. Even my father took part in national selections", Knez told us in the backstage area, waiting for his turn for the first rehearsal in the Eurovision venue.
I feel great. We are ready for our first rehearsals and I'm really looking forward. The moment we have all been waiting has finally come", Knez said, introducing the girls, who will be joining him on the Eurovision stage: Ksenija (his daughter), Jelena, Ivana, Lena and Dunja.

While hanging out with the Montenegrin delegation in the backstage area, Marko Novaković, a stage director and Boško Jakovljević, a costume designer have shown us the outfits, Knez and five female backing vocalists will be wearing and explained what’s going to happen on stage during the performance of this year’s Eurovision entry from Montenegro Adio.

"Considering that the song written by Željko Joksiković has some modern, but also some traditional, ethnic elements, the visual elements needs to follow the story of a song. What you will see during the performance on the LED floor and background is: the mountains, Adriatic sea, but also traditional Montenegrin dances", Marko Novaković explained. "All together it has a really strong emotion and energy. I would also say, that our stage performance looks elegant and artistic, like it did last year when we finally managed to qualify for the Final."

Gallery: Knez (Montenegro): Backstage

As we were impatient to see the costumes Knez and the girls will be wearing, joined them in the dressing room. "There are three colours, we used for the stage outfits: black, green and beige. Montenegro is known for high mountains, green landscapes, and beige is there to illustrate the sea-foam", Boško Jakovljević added "I would say, it’s the perfect combination of modern and traditional, like the song itself.“

During the stage performance, Knez will be wearing an elegant black suit and the backing vocalists black wide-leg trousers with some green and beige parts. "But that’s not all. Girls will also have some jewellery designed by Montenegrin art designer, Katarina Zlajić".

Gallery: Knez (Montenegro): First rehearsal

In the meantime, everything is set for the first rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle. Last minute before the first sound check, we used to ask Knez about the song Adio. What makes this song different than other, asked. "Adio is an ambient song with some elements typical for the Balkans, not only from Montenegro. Everything is perfectly packed in a modern world ethno song. Still, my vocal interpretation, which is more related to jazz and soul melodies, gives it something unique and fascinating," Nenad Knežević Knez underlined.

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