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Mižerja to be the Croatian entry in Malmö

16 January 2013 at 11:37 CET

As previously reported, the Croatian entry for 2013 will be a traditional Klapa song. The successful composer from those who submitted entries to HRT is Goran Topolovec from Duga Resa.

This was decided by a special committee who listened to all of the songs entered, amongst whom was 1996 Eurovision Song Contest winner Eimear Quinn from Ireland.

A reserve entry has also been chosen, this is called Cili Svit Za Bili Cvit from Miroslav Buljan of Zagreb.

The next stage of the process is to find the artist(s) to perform Mižerja in the Eurovision Song Contest. The same panel who chose the song from the submissions will also judge who best fits with the song and the track should be recorded in early February according to HRT.

More about Klapa music

Klapas are traditional Croatian songs which will generally celebrate love, wine, the country, and the sea. A klapa group consists usually of a first tenor, second tenor, a baritone, and bass, Klapas are usually performed acapella, but it is quite common for a gentle guitar or a mandolin to be added. The tradition of klapas is still very popular in Croatia and even some parts of the United States,and new compositions are being made regularlay and klapa festivals are still held.

Klapa performers are generally either all male or all female, but rarely the two mixed together generally.