Mista win second Slovak semi-final

Six quarter-finals took place over the last few weeks to determine the 24 semi-finalists of the Slovak national selection. The first semi-final was held last Sunday already, with six songs going forward to the final. Another six acts qualified for the final in tonight's semi-final. While the quarter- finals were decided solely by SMS voting, the outcome of the semi-finals is decided by a combination of SMS voting and the votes of a three-member expert jury. Tonight, this led to the following result (qualifying entries in bold):

  • Soňa - Skús Ma Viesť (16 points - 4th)
  • Horská Chata - Myslíš, Že Vieš, Kto Som? (7 points - 11th)
  • Martin Konrád - Ja Viem (9 points - 9th)
  • Dáška Kostovčik & Peter Bič Project - Dážď (12 points - 7th)
  • Peter Bažík - Paradise vs. Babylon (9 points - 10th)
  • Alone - Strašne Mi Chýbaš (4 points - 12th)
  • Smola A Hrušky - Pridaj Si Ma (11 points - 8th)
  • Martina Schindlerová - Môžeš Ísť (13 points - 5th)
  • Free Voices - Z Osnov (12 points - 6th)
  • Tomáš Bezdeda - Na Strechách Domov (20 points - 2nd)
  • Aya - Do Neba Volám (20 points - 3rd)
  • Mista - Emotions (23 points - 1st)

Tonight's semi-final was won by Mista and their song Emotions, which came first in televoting, while it placed second in the jury vote. The final of the Slovak national selection will be held on Sunday, the 28th of February.

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